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They saved thousands of lives, but the press ignored them. The largest assault in military history was a success because of their efforts, yet they were left out of the textbooks. They did their job in unimaginable weather while constantly facing the threat of an attack from the enemy. Without these true sailors, the greatest global conflict in human history would have raged for many more years.

The public has yet to meet these heroic men who have been forgotten in the past sixty years. Finally, their stories, photographs, and contribution to the war have now been recorded. The high-definition film, MAYDAY! Tugs of War, brings the history of the WWII Deep-Sea Rescue tugmen to life. This engaging yet educational documentary containing rare WWII archival footage tells the story of the Deep-Sea Rescue tugmen and their many struggles against enemy submarines, ships, aircraft, and the elements while also towing sinking ships up to three times their size. They too gave their lives for freedom and it’s time the world knows who they were.


Mayday Tugs of War – Europe also chronicles other military units that frame the structure of WWII.




A film by Robin Williams. Filmed in High Definition



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Mayday - Tugs of War

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