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Robin has sailed the English Channel and the French Canal System, traced
The Roman Empire throughout the Mediterranean Sea on a converted
Scottish trawler, tracked St. Paul’s Journeys through the Roman Province of Asia, followed Christopher Columbus from Genoa to the New World, skillfully recreated Mozart’s trip through Italy, replicated Lindbergh’s flight to Paris, retraced Lewis & Clark from their boyhood homes in Virginia to the mouth of the Columbia River, and methodically searched throughout Turkey and unveiled dozens of Biblical Treasures.

His latest production “Mayday Tugs of War – Europe” tells the untold story of the Deep Sea Rescue Tugmen of WWII. Robin has always had an immense fascination for such significant characters who have contributed tremendously to human history. His feature documentaries, which educate with profound clarity and accuracy due to extensive research and study, have enthralled audiences across the nation for the past 30 years. A certain aspect, described as ‘Williams’ personal touch’, seems to classify his films into their own separate category consisting of a combination between education and entertainment with a unique way of displaying the two.

With such knowledge and background of the subjects that he has covered, Robin D. Williams has cinematically recreated the history, accomplishments, and stories of some of the most important people of all time.

His film programs have been entertaining audiences in the United States and Canada since 1967 and he has appeared on the National Geographic Society’s Film Lecture Series since 1972.



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Mayday - Tugs of War

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